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Saima Shaik, LPC

Saima Shaik is an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). She provides individual therapy services in English, Hindi, and Urdu. She also works with adults, young adults, and adolescents (ages 15 and older)who are dealing with depression, anxiety, cultural issues, and identity issues. Saima uses evidence-based treatments.

These include treatments such as:

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Humanities from Benedictine University in 2015. She then received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Benedictine University in 2019. Saima has lived in the Chicago area for most of her life. When she is not working, Saima enjoys doing mental health advocacy work with Project Taqwa (www.projecttaqwa.org), spending time with her friends and family, traveling, weightlifting, and going to Zumba classes.

Saima’s Journey as a therapist at Shift Counseling, PC.

Saima was chosen to join the Shift Counseling, PC team because of her compassion, professionalism, and experience with using evidence-based treatments. She has a wonderful presence that makes people feel heard and comfortable with opening up about themselves. Saima excels with attuned listening and helping individuals identify coping skills.

She has been working with adolescents and young adults since 2017 in a variety of different settings including religious organizations, college counseling centers, mental health advocacy organizations, and has been working in private practice since 2021.

Saima sees individual clients only. She does not provide family therapy, couple’s counseling, or see children. She is seeing clients both in person at the office and through a secure telehealth platform. Saima is a provisionally licensed counselor practicing under the supervision of Rebecca Malley Fitzgerald. Saima is only licensed to provide counseling services to clients who reside in the state of Illinois.

Picture of a green couch next to a small window. If you find yourself in need of individual counseling services, Saima Shaik in Chicago is here to help.

Saima’s Therapy Specialities:

Counseling for depression: While depression is a common issue that causes people to seek counseling services, Saima understands that each client is an individual and needs someone who will make treatment of depression work for them. Saima starts with a thorough assessment of each individual’s history, background, contributing factors, and unique symptoms. She then works together with each client to set goals and develop a plan to address symptoms.

Saima understands that the connection between the provider and client is an essential part of this process. Once the client feels heard and understood, Saima can help them explore their thought processes. Together, she can help challenge negative thoughts that may be sabotaging their progress, identify behaviors that are not helpful, and develop different ways of coping that yield better results.

Over time, this process helps clients gain a sense of empowerment. Clients learn to accept the things they cannot control, improve their sense of self-worth, and feel more confident to manage their own responses to stressors.

Counseling for Anxiety: 

Similar to working with depression, Saima begins her treatment of anxiety disorders with a thorough assessment of background and symptoms. Rapport and alignment of goals are key throughout the counseling experience. Saima helps clients understand if their anxiety is generalized, specific, or both.

Then she helps clients challenge negative thoughts that contribute to anxiety and develop better coping skills for symptom relief. When working with anxiety disorders, learning skills to calm the body, such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are key. The goal of treatment is to help clients learn skills to manage their anxiety better and gain a sense of empowerment.

Counseling with Young Adults and College Students: 

One of Saima’s favorite populations to work with is people who are transitioning into adulthood (ages 19-30.) Due to her previous internship at the Benedict University Counseling Center, her experiences with volunteering, and her experiences in private practice, Saima has an abundance of skills for working with this age group. She is available to work with college students in the state of Illinois via telehealth.

Saima understands the unique challenges that Young Adults face including identity formation, changing family dynamics, relationship issues, the pressures of attending college, and navigating early work experiences. She enjoys helping young adults learn new coping skills to help improve their abilities to manage the stresses of life and unlearn ways of coping that are not useful. Also, Saima takes great joy in helping clients become more self-confident and resilient. 

Green Leaves close up. Life as a young adult has its own unique challenges. Saima Shaik provides young adult therapy in Chicago.

Counseling Around Cultural Identity & Diversity Issues: 

Saima has a special place in her heart for helping people who are struggling with their cultural identity or religious identity. Also, those who are trying to figure out where they fit in a diverse environment. Saima works with many individuals who are the children of immigrants. She can provide a warm and objective space for people who are trying to learn about coping skills, how to process emotions, what self-care is, and how to accept one’s self.

These concepts are not always part of the experience for people who are recent immigrants. Or, even first or second-generation Americans. Learning about mental health and self-care is certainly not meant to replace the values that people of diverse backgrounds may have grown up with. The concepts are meant to enhance individuals’ abilities to cope. This can help them improve their self-esteem, and help them find the strength to stay true to their values during challenging times.

Saima has found that providing a secure space and teaching people skills such as mindfulness can help clients build skills for self-acceptance, explore and strengthen their values, and find clarity. Saima enjoys seeing her clients learn more about themselves and watching them learn to appreciate themselves for who they are.

Learn more about Saima in this great Blog, Inside My Therapy Room: Thoughts from a Chicago Therapist.

Begin Counseling with Saima, Chicago-Area Therapist

Getting started with your new therapist, Saima, is easy. Our North Riverside, IL counseling practice is convenient to multiple areas of Chicagoland including Riverside, La Grange Park, Brookfield, Broadview, and Saima offers telehealth options as well. If you’re ready to begin, simply follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to schedule an initial therapy consultation.
  2. Begin working with Saima, as your skilled, caring therapist.
  3. Feel more confident in navigating life’s transitions!

Shift Counseling, PC specializes in treating young adults with mental health concerns with a variety of techniques. In addition to therapy for depression, we also offer Adjustment Disorder Therapy, Multicultural Counseling, PTSD and Trauma Therapy, Young Adult Focused Therapy, and Anxiety Therapy online or in person.


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